Amitabha Buddha Bhumisparsa Mudra Fountain Resin Durable Delicate Statue Garden Table Decor

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• Product Code: CH#0071
• Sculpture Material: Durable Resin
• Finish: Stone like
• Color: As shown
• Dimension: W62cm * D62cm * H105cm
(W25″ * D25″ * H42″)
• Suitable For: Outdoor and Indoor Use
• Lead Time: About One Month
• Shipping And Handling Fee: Not Included
• Placement: Meditation Room, Office, Living Room, Patio, Foyer, Porch, Etc.


Please Note: Due to the unique characteristics of each statue, the nature of our designs, weights, measurements and colors shown are approximate and are intended as a guide only.

• Amitabha, also called Amida or Amitayus, is a celestial buddha described in the scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism. Amitabha is the principal buddha in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of East Asian Buddhism. In Vajrayana Buddhism, Amitabha is known for his longevity attribute, magnetising red fire element, the aggregate of discernment, pure perception and the deep awareness of emptiness of phenomena. According to these scriptures, Amitabha possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over countless past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakara. Amitabha means “Infinite Light” so Amitabha is also called “The Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light”. The Amitabha, Shakyamuni, and Medicine Buddha together are called The Trikala Buddhas, and also called the Buddha Sambo.

• This delicate gold Amitabha Buddha foutain for sale sits contentedly in Bhumisparsa Mudra, with a lotus on his hand. And a small crystal bead in the lotus flower which illuminated by LED light. Surrounding by small leaf shape pools. The water flows from the lotus flower above of the Buddha and then the multiple water streams flow into the bottom base finally. The Amitabha Buddha fountain has the look of natural lava stone, but made of fiberglass which with the strength and durability.The slight smile of the Amitabha Buddha radiates warmth and compassion.

• Stone-look fountain is a fitting symbol of the source from which all blessings flow. The Buddha fountatin statue will helps to reach the medically recommended air-humidity of 45-55%. Water pump assembly built in, LED lights and atomiser are included. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use (with proper outdoor wiring).

• Large Sitting Buddha Fountain makes for an impressive yet serene focal point in the landscape. Multiple streams of water flow creates a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. Let the tranquil sound of natural flowing water produced by this equisite piece will relax your mind body and spirit.

• Antique Buddha table and garden decor with religious blend.

Additional information

Dimensions 0.62 × 0.62 × 1.02 m

3 reviews for Amitabha Buddha Bhumisparsa Mudra Fountain Resin Durable Delicate Statue Garden Table Decor

  1. SunnyMuse

    Set this statue in my backyard, I love this statue and the water gurgle! Great service and good shopping experience!

  2. Jasmin

    This beautiful Buddha is just what i needed to complete my foryer.

  3. Valerie

    This Buddha garden foutain is of exceptional quality and beauty. Fully equipped with accessories. Brought anothe Buddha garden fountain from other website before, but it did’t work well outside.

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