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Ancient Pocket Outdoor Chinese Zodiac Brass Feng Shui Garden Sundials Compass



• Product Code: CH#110
• Sculpture Material: Brass
• Finish: Cast and Polished
• Color: As Shown
• Dimension: W11cm * D10cm * H8cm
(W4.4″ * D4″ * H3.2″)
• Suitable For: Outdoor Use
• Lead Time: About One Month
• Shipping And Handling Fee: Not Included
• Placement: Backyard, Garden, Patio, Etc.


Please Note: Due to the unique characteristics of each statue, the nature of our designs, weights, measurements and colors shown are approximate and are intended as a guide only.

• The compass and sundial both are working pieces, compass shows you accurate direction and sundial helps you know the time. Sundial is a device used for telling the time when the sun is shining. In ancient period, people used to use sundial when there were no watches.

• Sundials are more than just a oldest known instruments for telling time, sundials also the decorative addition to the garden, even the Feng Shui decor. They are an artistic addition to our outdoor spaces which bring us closer to nature and history, providing a rare moment of reflection. The markings found on the flat surface of a sundial represent each hour of daylight. As the sun moves across the sky from east to west, the gnomon or vertical rod at the center of the dial casts a shadow across this flat surface.

• This small pocket Chinese zodiac brass sundial compass that adds to your vintage collection or it can be a great gift for someone special. Brass sundials are naturally non-rusting and require no upkeep. Built to stand the test of time and age gracefully through all types of weather, cast iron sundials are an elegant and long lasting addition to a backyard garden or patio. Our sundials for sale are typically made out of metal or other materials and often feature intricate designs on their surface.

• Our sundials are crafted with this ancient design in mind using connecting circles which creates a stunning focal point in a yard or garden. For their striking beauty and resemblance to an artifact out of the ancient world, sundials are often displayed as an eye catching garden centerpiece. Whichever style you choose, sundials are an elegant conversation piece for any place.


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