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Tibetan Meditation Ritual Cymbal Tingsha Eight Auspicious Brass Bell for Healing



• Product Code: CH#107
• Sculpture Material: Brass
• Finish: Cast and Polished
• Color: As Shown
• Dimension: W7cm * D7cm
(W2.8″ * D2.8″)
• Weight: 220 Grams
• Suitable For: Indoor and Outdoor Use
• Lead Time: About One Month
• Shipping And Handling Fee: Not Included
• Placement: Meditation Room, Study Room, Living Room, Shrine, Temple, Etc.


Please Note: Due to the unique characteristics of each statue, the nature of our designs, weights, measurements and colors shown are approximate and are intended as a guide only.

• The Tinsha are 2 small metal cymbals joined by a leather thong. This is a premium Tingsha which made in Nepal, made with higher quality metal brass for better sound and resonance, weather resistant aged copper finish applied by hand, hand-crafted detailed chain supports the bell. Over 2.7 inches in diameter and weight in 220 grams. This Tibetan tingsha cymbal meditation bell is decorated by the Ashtamangala Buddhism symbols. The Astamangala are the eight auspicious signs of Buddhahood which include the Lotus Blossom, Endless Knot, Wheel of Dharma, Victory Banner, Parasol, Twin Fish, Conch Shell, and Water Vase. They often adorn finely carved statues of Buddha figurines or carved on some ritual art items.

• Finger cymbals or tingshas are the beautiful musical bells used for prayer, chanting, ritual offerings and ceremonies in Hindu and Buddhist religious practice. The sound is penetrating and purposely dissonant unlike the harmonic overtones of the Tibetan singing bowls. When the two pieces slightly tapping them together, they produce a clear, pure and cleansing sound which can be used to focus the mind before and after meditation. Or by holding the leather cord at its center and swinging the chimes together so that they strike each other strongly to make loud sound.

• Tingshas are traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhist to mark the beginning and end of meditation. They are also used by the Buddhist master to bring the student back into focus when his mind wanders during the meditation. The sound of the tingsha is very clear and loud. They are also used to prepare for healing, yoga, space clearing and sound therapy treatment. Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect Buddhism gift.

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Dimensions 0.07 × 0.07 m


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